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Commitment to Action for 7th-Generation Awareness & Education (CA7AE): HIV/AIDS Prevention Project in collaboration with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration's (SAMHSA) Minority AIDS Initiative are excited to launch the National Native HIV/AIDS Resource website.

The project is a part of both the National Center for Community Readiness and the Ethnic Studies Department at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Message from the Director

Image of director Pamela Jumper Thurman

We welcome you to our new website, an innovative collaboration between SAMHSA, MAI, and CA7AE/Colorado State University. We hope that you will find the resources helpful and that you will offer your own information to build upon these resource to assist us in making further improvements so that our website is comprehensive, accurate and inclusive.

Health Disparities are a great concern and HIV and AIDS are no different except for the fact that they are seldom recognized as a priority in communities. When one looks at the national picture of HIV infections, minorities rank the highest. African Americans, Latinos, American Indians/Alaska Natives are the groups with the most infections and yet these groups struggle constantly to secure and maintain resources. There are currently more than one million people living with HIV in this country alone and 33 million throughout the world. CA7AE works throughout the United States to provide capacity building assistance (CBA) to underserved and/or minority communities and organizations ( to support development of community and culturally specific HIV prevention and testing strategies. In collaboration with the National Native Network (CA7AE, National Native American AIDS Prevention Center, and Intertribal Council of Arizona) we launched the first National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day in 2007. Since that time we have formed additional partners and we continue to work toward establishing accuracy in data, reducing stigma and increasing testing opportunities for minorities.

Finally, thank you for visiting our website. We will continue to improve and expand this site on a weekly basis. We will update information as we receive it and will make every attempt to keep you apprised of training and conference opportunities as they become available. We welcome your opinions and suggestions. Please send us your links so that we may add them to our list. We will continue to honor those who have passed as a result of AIDS and will do all that we can to continue the work toward prevention, early detection, and treatment for those living with AIDS.


Dr. Pamela Jumper-Thurman